Get Relief From Hearing Problems With New Hearing Aid Technology

hearing-aid-technologyDid you happen to hear the doves cooing outside your window this evening? Do you like to witness them soaring over your head to remind you that summer is just about to end? These pleasant sounds as well as many others will be lost to over 50 million people who are experiencing loss in hearing. Audiologists agree that frequent use of powerful vacuums, lawn mowers or leaf blowers can be harmful to your hearing if you don’t also use earplugs in conjunction with these activities.

The list of harmful events and appliances that audiologists have determined is bad for our hearing is quite long. Hearing loss brought on by these common noises

If you have significant hearing loss, you may need to have a hearing professional prepare hearing aids for you. Please visit our site at, http://thelondontinnitustreatmentclinic.co.uk, to get relief from hearing  problems. This can allow you to once again enjoy simple conversations with your loved ones.

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The Latest Made For iPhone LiNX from ReSound

Today connects directly to iPhones along with other iOS devices a fresh hearing aid launched, allowing wearers to talk on the telephone or pay attention to music, by GN ReSound, a Danish hearing aid manufacturer.

The ReSound LiNX may be the first Apple-certified “MFi” or Designed for iPhone hearing aid that connects right to the iPhone or other iOS device without the intermediary devices.

Launching alongside the LiNX is really a new iOS app that ongoing works as a remote for the hearing aid, allowing wearers to regulate volume levels, equalizers, and switch between preset environments for the hearing aid, allowing these devices to optimize to the user’s environment. Hearing aids might have a number of different modes, adjusting to the acoustics of every environment — the app even uses geofencing to automatically change sound profiles in line with the located area of the wearer, changing for work, home, or perhaps a favorite restaurant. Gleam “Find My Hearing Aid” function to greatly help users find their device whether it’s lost.

An organization representative told us that the app was available for connecting the hearing aid to the web for the very first time. Through the use of GPS geotagging, the hearing aid can transform and adjust to its environment for the very first time without user intervention. The two 2.4GHz protocol utilized by the LiNX can be unique — the business worked closely with Apple to build up a particular protocol designed for communication between iPhones and hearing aids, and that GN built a fresh hearing aid processor to aid it. It really is much smarter about turning on / off quickly, saving battery life and delivering five to six days of battery life in normal use, even with the added technology.

ReSound LiNX launches in global markets today as a revolutionary hearing aid with the capacity of streaming high-quality stereo sound from an iPhone, iPad and ipod itouch with no need for yet another pendant-like device. Users can also customize their hearing experience through the ReSound Smart App. ReSound LiNX advances a number of ReSound technologies which already lead the hearing aid industry.

“We saw a chance to create the world’s best hearing aid by combining the ability of GN ReSound’s life-changing technologies with the compatibility and global prevalence of iPhone, iPad and ipod itouch,” said GN ReSound CEO Lars Viksmoen. “We have been focused on improving people’s lives through usage of innovative technology and appearance forward to more folks correcting their hearing with this particular new technology – a triumph in accessibility for the hearing impaired.”

Previously, hearing aid wearers would have to carry a cumbersome pendant or other wireless device to make changes to settings on a little hearing aid — adjusting volume or switching between profiles — now, users could make those changes on the iPhone directly, a device that lots of are carrying in a substantial standard of living improvement anyway. It allows users to pay attention right to games also, calls, FaceTime conversations, music, and any audio from the iOS device directly, with out a handheld dongle or other intermediary devices.

The technology will be obtainable in hearing aids from GN ReSound LiNX 9 iPhone,  available from London Hearing Aids.


Health and Saftey Now Requires All Staff to Have Adequate Hearing Protection in the Work Place

lady-with-headphonesProtection against loud noises is very important within a work environment.

The industrialization did it. Our world used to be a quiet place, where occasional noises alerted local inhabitants that someone or something is coming. Currently, if you live in a city, you can’t hear the doorbell if your TV is blasting, your kid is running the stereo on loudspeakers, your window is opened and urban noises are seeping in and one of your washing or drying machines is running. Doorknockers are obsolete. Due to all the noise all around us, it is a wonder that we hear anything at all. Imagine now you work in one of the factories, where machines do all the work; without industrial ear plugs, you can kiss your hearing goodbye. Luckily, the employers are required to distribute bulk ear plugs to their employees.

But it was not an easy win for the near deaf employees. It required a dozen of class action lawsuits to impose the regulation on the penny pinching boards of directors, who in their comfy chairs upstairs did not have a noise problem and if they did, they sound proofed the offices. Who cares about the peasants getting deaf? Well, the courts did and therefore nowadays the law requires the distribution of bulk ear plugs, for hearing protection purposes. These industrial ear plugs are really good and the development of hearing protection devices has gone a long way, since the usage of wax to block the ear canal was the only option. On one hand, the industrialization provided the noise, on the other, it provided the solution for the noise as well.

The production of such bulk ear plugs has become so cheap, because the materials used are almost similar to foam. The chemical compound is made out of pretty inexpensive materials, therefore disposable industrial ear plugs are sold in amounts of thousands in huge packages at bargain prices. Wherever such loud machines are deployed, for instance in food packaging, automated assembly lines, actually on every location where the constant noise surpasses the 70dB ratio deemed damaging if imposed for a prolonged amount of time, it is necessary to wear ear protection devices.

Same goes not only for factories, but for road workers, like the guy with a jack hammer, he needs to wear industrial ear plugs or even stronger hearing protection devices by law. If you are a passerby, walking next to a place where the road is being fixed, and you do not have bulk ear plugs handy, it’s just your bad luck if your hearing gets damaged. Interestingly enough, in music business, there is no obligation for the employer to supply hearing protection devices for any of the employed personnel. Although roadies and stage crew can be subject to terribly loud music and other sounds, like feedback, if they did not have the good sense of picking up some protection on their own, it will be their own fault if they go deaf. This will change in the foreseeable future, because some major lawsuits are underway.